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7 horrible mistakes most offset printers make

Do you know that 90% of all error happen in the pre-press stage?

There are 7 horrible mistakes most offset printers make in the pre-press stage that can ruin your job completely. They are:

  1. Colour Reproduction: Will the colours you see on screen match with the final print or will it be a complete disaster?
  2. Font Handling: Will the fonts in your final print appear correctly or will there be a complete mismatch?
  3. Handling RGB to CMYK colour conversion: Does the printer have the necessary colour profile handling expertise? If not, it can ruin your print job and the printer shall blame you for this disaster.
  4. Handling Transparencies: Whether the transparencies in images and artwork will be reproduced accurately or will your artwork become absolutely flat?
  5. Handling File Formats: Will the large scale printer be able to handle your favourite file format (pdf, Illustrator, Pagemaker, InDesign, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc.) or will he force you to do the extra work of file format conversion?
  6. Job Technicalities: Do you not know the technicalities of book printing and binding e.g. bleed, spine, margins and color registration markings and the printer instead of helping you is creating a nuisance about it?
  7. Post-Press Requirements: Is your offset printer NOT equipped to fulfil your special requirement and/or recommend appropriate post-printing enhancements like UV, textured UV, Foiling, Lamination, Die-Punching, Drip-off, Laser cutting etc. that can make your job really stand out and also fit your budget?

How can we at CDC Printers help you solve the above problems?

1. Get complete control over the colours that we print

We have an automated colour control device on our printing press which checks colours and auto-corrects to the reference supplied. This ensures 100% consistency and high quality of printing. We are the first in Eastern India to install such a device in commercial printing.

2. Have complete control over your file

We have a fully automated software which accepts your file in any format and converts it into standardized output, thus removing errors like missing fonts, auto converts files from RGB to CMYK, auto converts the file from any format to printable PDF, defines the bleed, calculates the spine etc. All of these happen seamlessly and fully automatically, without any human intervention. It also sends the corrected file to the client for approval. We are the first in India to have this kind of seamless file handling solution.

3. Pre-press, press and post-press under one roof

We have the end-to-end printing and binding services in-house, thus ensuring complete control over the committed timeline and quality of the output.

4. Assist in deciding the post-press enhancement

We have a massive library of all the material we have printed with all possible post-printing effects like UV, lamination, foil, die-punching, drip-off, metalized printing, laser-cut etc. to help you see and decide the perfect embellishments for your job.